Resilient Recovery Series: Data for Development and COVID-19

"New private sector data could be used to complement traditional public data to improve the delivery of services to people most in need"

The data landscape has been changing rapidly, with the explosion of data from private sources, such as mobile phones, electronic transactions, and satellites. These new data could be used to complement traditional public data to improve... view more


An Introduction: A Conversation with Haishan Fu, Director, Development Data Group, The World Bank Group


Examples outlining the value of data integration by bringing together the public and private sectors.


Highlighting inequalities in the world of Development data and how collective rights trump private privacy rights in a pandemic.


What is the World Bank doing to support client countries to address the challenges of bringing together public and private sector data?

About the Presenters

Haishan Fu

Director, Development Data Group, The World Bank Group

Haishan Fu is the Director of the World Bank’s Development Data Group and Co-Chair of the Bank’s Development Data Council. In this capacity, Haishan leads and coordinates the development and implementation of the Bank’s development data agenda. She has been an active leader in the global statistical community, having served or currently serving as a member of the UN Secretary General’s Independent Expert Advisory Group on Data Revolution for Sustainable Development, Council Member of the International Statistical Institute, and Co-Chair of the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities among over 45 UN and other international development agencies, among others. Prior to joining the Bank in 2014, Haishan was Director of the Statistics Division at UNESCAP, served as the first Chief of Statistics of UNDP’s Human Development Report, and worked as Senior Research Associate at the Guttmacher Institute and Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. Haishan holds a Ph.D. in Demography from Princeton University and a B.A. in Economics from Peking University.

Raka Banerjee

Project Coordinator, Development Data Group, World Bank

Raka Banerjee is a Project Coordinator in the Development Data Group at the World Bank. She supports the Data Group in developing and executing priorities including departmental strategy, knowledge products, outreach, and communications. As part of the Development Data Council Secretariat, she supports World Bank institutional priorities around data including data governance and new data initiatives. Raka previously worked as Project Coordinator for the Living Standards Measurement Study team where she managed field-based data collection efforts, coordinated daily project operations and provided editorial and dissemination oversight for knowledge products. She holds a Masters in International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego, and a Bachelors in International Studies from the University of Washington.