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Resilience Booster Webinar

At IFC, we believe that cultivating Resilience is critical to navigate current period with more serenity. Join us for a 60-min Resilience Booster Webinar on June 3rd facilitated by Alexia Michiels, partner at The Resilience Institute Europe. During this session, Alexia will propose practical strategies to navigate current challenges and prepare the future with calm, courage and confidence. You will get tips to apply for yourself and/or with your team in order to keep calm, stay positive, focused and productive during uncertain times.

About the Presenters

Alexia Michiels

Originally from Belgium, Alexia Michiels is the co-founder of The Resilience Institute Europe. After gaining a degree in commercial and consular Sciences, she works 10 years in marketing and media (Procter & Gamble, RTL Bertelsmann, World Federation of Advertisers). She then lives 5 years in China where she becomes a certified professional coach and a yoga instructor. That’s where she meets Dr Sven Hansen – founder of The Resilience Institute – and joins his team. Convinced by this holistic and evidence-based approach, she understands that resilience needs to be cultivated on a daily basis mobilising all our resources: body, heart, mind and spirit. She now accompanies, in many countries, people and organizations that, in a complex environment, want to build their resilience skills and be ready to face, with joy and success, the daily challenges of a transforming world. Alexia is the author of the book « L’Elan de la Résilience » / « The Resilience Drive » (FAVRE, 2017).

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