Registering Property Indicator - What it measures, Why it matters, What are the results, and good practices?

The Registering Property indicator examines the steps, time and cost involved in registering property, assuming a standardized case of an entrepreneur who wants to purchase land and a building that is already registered and free of title dispute. In addition, the topic measures the quality of the land administration system in each economy. The quality of land administration index has five dimensio...view more

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Marie Delion

Marie Delion joined the Doing Business team in 2003. She leads the Registering Property indicator and previously led the Dealing with Construction Permits indicator. Her experience in the Bank includes 6 years working at the World Bank Group Institute. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a MBA from the University of Maryland University College. Prior to joining the World Bank Group in 1999, she worked for Siemens in Cameroon and KPMG in New Caledonia. Ms. Delion speaks French.

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Sangat Menarik

Vedat Bobby

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Interesting to knowledge into many other various of studies

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Jan 16, 2019
The quality of land administration index has 5 -five dimensions: 1.Reliability of Infrastructure; 2.Transparency of Information; 3. Geographic Coverage; 4. Land Dispute Resolution, and 5.Equal Access to Property Rights
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