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Reducing Fragility and Conflict: What We Are Learning from Impact Evaluations

"Drawing on evidence from Randomized Control Trials, this presentation discusses insights for future programming and identifies where evidence gaps remain."

Several promising lines of inquiry have emerged as new research probes the mechanisms behind successful peacebuilding interventions—i.e. how they work. Drawing on evidence from Randomized Control Trials, this presentation discusses insights for future programming and identifies where evidence gaps remain.

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This session is part of the Fragility Forum 2020 Virtual Series.

About the Presenters

Aprille Knox

Policy Manager, Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)

Aprille Knox (@aprilleknox) is a Policy Manager at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), where she manages the Crime, Violence, and Conflict sector. In this role, Aprille works with governments, NGOs, academics, and others to build research partnerships and promote evidence-informed policymaking. Previously, Ms.Knox worked as a Research Assistant for Innovations for Poverty Action in Liberia, supported the Governance team at Results for Development, and served as Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea. Ms.Knox holds a master's degree in Global Affairs from Yale University and a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Boston College.

Cillian Nolan

Associate Director (Policy), Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)

Cillian Nolan (@ccjnolan) is the Associate Director for Policy at J-PAL Europe, hosted by the Paris School of Economics. He leads J-PAL Europe’s policy team in efforts to bring together governments, donors, civil society organizations and J-PAL affiliated researchers to promote the use of evidence in decision-making, as well as to synthesize lessons from randomized evaluations of social programs in Europe and beyond. Mr.Nolan also advises on J-PAL’s work on violence and peacebuilding. Before joining J-PAL, he worked for over a decade as a conflict analyst for the International Crisis Group and the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict.

Beza Tesfaye

Senior Researcher, Mercy Corps

Beza Tesfaye (@bezates87) is a Senior Researcher at Mercy Corps, with 10 years of research and program management experience in government, development and humanitarian organizations. Her research focuses on migration, stabilization and peacebuilding. Ms.Tesfaye has published more than 10 policy reports and briefs on these topics. Her research has also appeared in journals such as African Identities and is forthcoming in the American Journal of Political Science. She has conducted fieldwork in places including Ethiopia, Liberia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and El Salvador. Ms.Tesfaye received a Bachelor’s Degree in Public and International Affairs and a Master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton University.

Paolo Verme, Moderator

Head of Research and Impact Evaluations, Fragility Conflict and Violence, World Bank

Paolo Verme is a Lead Economist, Manager of the Research program on Forced Displacement and Head of Research and Impact Evaluations in the Fragility, Conflict and Violence group of the World Bank. A PhD graduate of the London School of Economics, he was visiting professor at Bocconi University and the University of Torino between 2003 and 2010. For a period of two decades prior to joining the World Bank, he served as senior adviser and project manager for the European Union, United Nations, private consulting groups and governments specializing in the design, implementation and evaluation of welfare and labor reforms. His research covers labor markets, poverty, income distribution and forced migration and is published widely in international journals, books and reports. He is an accredited Full Professor of Public Economics and Economic Policy in Italy and a Fellow of the Global Labor Organization.

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What We Are Learning from Impact Evaluations
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