Reducing C-section Rates in China

China has one of the highest cesarean delivery rates in the world—about 50% of the 16 million babies born in 2010 were delivered by C-section. According to the World Health Organization, however, only about 10-15% of deliveries require this procedure. This high rate has raised concerns on a number of fronts, as these medically unnecessary C-sections pose more health risks for both mothers and babies.

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- Mar 30, 2020

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Nov 27, 2019
Normal delivery is always best.Helps the new mother to heal quickly


- May 6, 2019
A great initiative to reduce unnecessary surgery.


- Apr 1, 2019
Topik Sangat Menarik


- Jul 6, 2018
Great! Thanks!


- Jun 16, 2018
interesting, thanks

Jesús Manuel

- Feb 11, 2018
liked and shared,great info.
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