Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessments | Introductory Course (Self-Paced)

Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessments | Introductory Course (Self-Paced)

The 2008 Joint Declaration on Post-Crisis Assessments and Recovery Planning commits the World Bank, the United Nations and the European Union to work together to support countries emerging from conflict and political crisis. This tripartite agreement is executed via the mechanism of Joint Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessments (RPBA) - a joint approach to identify and address immediate and medium-term recovery and peacebuilding requirements, while laying the foundations for a longer-term recovery and peacebuilding strategy. This course introduces staff to how to implement the joint declaration in conflict affected situations. This course provides an introduction to the RPBA approach. Participants will be familiarized with RPBA methodology, its key aspects and core principles, and the dynamics of the process. Modules address the overall approach, as well as the key actions and dynamics in each step of the RPBA process. The course has been developed jointly with the United Nations and t

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Submitted 11:59 pm, February 15, 2018

nice and interactive course

Jesús Manuel

Submitted 1:27 pm, February 5, 2018

Nice Course


Submitted 5:48 am, November 20, 2017


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