Re-Thinking Gender in Social Development (Self-paced)
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Re-Thinking Gender in Social Development (Self-paced)

This training aims at preparing social development specialists, researchers, consultants and partners for their new role in supporting the enforcement of the WBG’s new Gender Strategy in their operations, in particular, linking analysis, action, and outcomes to close the key gender gaps.
Social development specialists are probably already convinced of the value of gender equality and have operational experience in its implementation through sectoral and regional programs. Against this background, this training will encourage a shift in the way WBG staff think about gender in their operations. There is little doubt within the WBG that the traditional gender mainstreaming approach has increased awareness among staff and clients about the importance of analyzing the gender aspects of development programs. However, evidence has also revealed the limits of mainstreaming in yielding results on the ground.

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Jes�s Manuel

- Aug 11, 2021
nice course


- May 9, 2021
Informative contents,


- Jan 30, 2021
Very informative


- Jan 8, 2021
great course


- Dec 7, 2020
Nice Course


- Nov 30, 2020
Educative and enlightening content gender issues are much beyond a ly man's understanding of the concept


- Oct 16, 2020
I have completed the course successfully. How could I get the the presentation for my future references?


- Sep 12, 2020
I am a postgrad student studying Applied Anthropology and Dev Practices. I am keen to learn more about the integration of gender framework in development. I am excited about doing this course.


- Sep 6, 2020
I have just registered for the course, Thank you for this golden opportunity as I hope to improve my understanding of gender, social development, social protection and much more. Great!!!

Christine Omulako

- Aug 25, 2020
receiving an error when trying to enroll... hope to register and gain from the insights
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