A Quick Primer on Disruptive Technology

Technology has always transformed lives and has evolved at an exponential pace while disrupting old ways of doing things.

What is Disruptive technology?

Watch this video to learn more about how emerging types of disruptive technology are going to help us re-imagine decisions, production, and interaction.

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- Mar 28, 2019
Great , it is the time for making global policies and controls for these technologies, otherwise both sides (good & bad ) of these technologies will affect our lives.


- Mar 26, 2019
Sangat menarik


- Mar 16, 2019
Mendapatkan Pembelajaran yang sangat Baik


- Dec 25, 2018
That's great.


- Nov 15, 2018
The animation is wonderful. May I know who did the animation, please?

Nagaraja Rao

- Nov 27, 2018
Our team (incl. communication specialists, STCs) drawn from the Disruptive Tech Network, ENR GP, Digital Development, Climate Change, OLC, etc. wrote the scripts/storylines and the animation was done by Baker and Hill. - Harsh Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep, Global Lead (Disruptive Technology), ENR GP


- Mar 6, 2019
That's wonderful! The team did a great job. Please may I know the engine they used for the animation?


- Nov 7, 2018
Great! Thanks!
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