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Public-Private Partnerships in Grain Storage

Food prices fell steadily as production increased for many decades, but in the global expansion of 2001-2007, food prices rose substantially. Many countries responded to the spike and continuation of elevated prices by establishing or increasing Strategic Grain Reserves (SGR). Apart from maintaining emergency reserves, countries such as India have reviewed their longer term ongoing subsidized food programs and approved new legislation. Policy responses have typically also included a review of the government handling and storage practices in countries. It is estimated that between 10-25% of global cereal production is lost through bad handling, spoilage and infestation at various stages in the logistics chain. Key physical impediments i.e. inefficient storage and handling methods, and lack of sufficient storage space in required locations contribute significantly to annual losses in food as a proportion of total production. The rationale for grain storage PPP includes many of the usual reasons for using the model such as quick scaling up of storage capacity, risk transfer and mobilization of private investment, innovation and efficiencies. The PPP type adopted is most commonly determined on the basis of the objectives that the PPP desires to achieve, the risk profile of projects and the ability of parties to take on specific risks. This webinar on PPP in Grain Storage will discuss the general trends in PPP in Grain Storage globally with focus on cases from a few countries where PPP projects are being developed or implemented. In addition, the Punjab Silo Project will be discussed in some detail. The objective of the webinar is to share lessons learned from emerging and successful projects with practitioners from client countries and consultants working in the area of agricultural storage and PPP, as well as other interested participants.

About the Presenters

Shyamala Shukla

Neeraj Gupta

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PPP professionals

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