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Public-Private Partnerships in Brazil after the Rio Olympic Games

Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy, has had broad experience with PPPs, and since the global economic slowdown in 2009, the Brazilian government has further prioritized infrastructure investment. As host of the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, Brazil is seeking to overcome its infrastructure gaps. Brazil has undertaken PPP projects at the federal and subnational levels. The 2014 Economist Intelligence Unit Latin America & Caribbean Infrascope categorizes Brazil’s PPP readiness as developed, and places it within the top two in the region. The discussion will provide the audience with the latest market trends and state of PPPs in the country. Based on the current political and economic conditions in the country, the speaker will address the importance of the enabling environment for PPP market development.

About the Presenters

Marcos Siqueira Moraes

Mr. Siqueira began his career as a financial advisor for governments. He was later hired by the subnational government of Minas Gerais, in Brazil, to set up a program to attract private investment in infrastructure. This program became one of the most diverse and active PPP programs in Brazil, recognized as such nationally and internationally (ttps://
As an infrastructure professional, Mr. Siqueira managed more than US$3 billion in transactions in sectors such as transport, social infrastructure, energy, and environmental assets.
Collaborating with multilateral development banks, Mr. Siqueira has had diverse international experience in capacity-building initiatives in Africa, Latin America, and Asia (his recent participation in an online course sponsored by the World Bank can be found at He has been an associate professor of public policy at Fundação João Pinheiro and Fundação Dom Cabral.
From September 2014 to January 2016, Mr. Siqueira was a consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank, in a large-scale initiative aimed at comparing institutional environments for PPP in several countries in Latin America, including Brazil, Chile, Honduras, and Peru. He was selected as one of the writers of the body of knowledge that is part of the new certification program for PPPS under development by the World Bank Group and APMG-International (
Mr. Siqueira holds a bachelor’s degree in law and public administration. He received a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

David Duarte

David is a senior PPP specialist with the PPP Group at the World Bank. He is a Chilean national and worked at the Chilean Ministry of Finance in the Contingent Liabilities and PPP Unit for 12 years. He was responsible for the creation of the fiscal management framework for PPP and other public policies in his country, mostly related to PPP, public transport, contingent liabilities, and fiscal management. During the last eight years, he was the head of the unit.

Zichao Wei

Zichao currently works in the PPP Group at the World Bank, in the infrastructure economics and financing arena. His work program primarily focuses on infrastructure investment assessments, private participation in infrastructure analytics, and PPP project financial modeling.
Passionate about the financial market, he held several positions in the private sector before joining the World Bank Group. Zichao was a fixed income broker in ICAP, where he traded government and corporate bonds at the fixed-income desk. In 2012, he joined Accenture, assisting the financial advisory team to deliver Mergers & Acquisitions consultancy for the client companies. Previously, he worked in the Global Banking Division at Citigroup, specializing in multinational corporations’ valuation and quantitative credit risk modeling. Zichao received a B.S. (Honors) in Finance from Zhejiang University and an M.S. in Financial Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

Target Audience

World Bank Group staff; consultants; policy makers in client countries

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