Programmatic Mapping to Improve Service Delivery

The efficient and effective delivery of health services is an ongoing challenge, particularly in resource constrained environments. This video presents the programmatic mapping approach as a tool for improving service delivery. This approach underscores the importance of understanding the local context and consequently enabling the delivery of the right interventions, for the right people/populations, at the right time and in the right locations. Programmatic mapping provides critical information that helps policy makers, program planners and implementers understand the local context by providing information on the location, size, typologies and operational dynamics of the target population, which allows them to effectively focus and tailor the services provided.

We are using HIV/AIDS to illustrate how the approach has been used to improve service delivery. We also illustrate how the approach is relevant and can be used in other sectors beyond health. The programmatic mapping approach has been used successfully in many countries including through the Avahan Program in India; and the Bank-financed HPDP2 Project in Nigeria.

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