Private Equity in the Western Balkans

Private Equity in the Western Balkans

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The purpose of this course is designed to empower advisors of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to be capable of assisting their clients to secure private equity investment successfully. This course will support advisors to comprehend equity investment by explaining what it is and what is its process. It will describe how private equity and venture capital investment operates, what venture capital and private equity investment deal requires, and what kinds of advisors should consider enlisting to help along the

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- Feb 3, 2020
importance for SME finance!


- Jan 23, 2020
waiting to enroll and study


- Jan 18, 2020
Informative and nice course.


- Jan 4, 2020
Hi, I welcome the opportunity. SMEs play a key in development of countries


- Dec 30, 2019
Nice one


- Dec 4, 2019
Investment Readiness: Financial Management for Funding Growth
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