Preparing Projects under Situations of Urgent Need or Capacity Constraints

This clinic provides an overview of policy, procedures and good practice for the preparation of IPF operations for emergency or crisis situations (paragraph 12 of IPF policy). It will provide operational staff with the various options available through Additional Financing, restructuring and new operations for the application of paragraph 12.

Target audience: Operations staff working o...view more

About the Presenters

Enrique Pantoja

Operations Adviser in OPSIL - Op Policy, Quality & Inv Lending

Ammar Oumalek

Operations Analyst in OPSIL - Op Policy, Quality & Inv Lending

Questions Submitted


- Dec 18, 2018


- Dec 16, 2018
What is the main focus of the course?


- Dec 13, 2018
Good and very informative session. Congrats to the team


- Dec 2, 2018
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