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PPPs in Bangladesh: Institutions and Financing

Bangladesh brought out the Private Sector Infrastructure Guidelines in 2004 followed by the Policy and Strategy for PPP in 2010 which took a more holistic approach to PPP. Recently, the Bangladesh Cabinet approved the PPP Law. The current PPP Framework in Bangladesh attempts to overcome the legal, institutional and financing constraints to PPP. The institutional structure in Bangladesh consists of a robust approach to PPP at the leadership, governance, managerial and technical levels with the involvement of the Prime Minister’s office which has vast convening powers, the Ministry of Finance which holds the purse strings and the line ministries which are closest to projects on the ground and have more technical expertise than the other Ministries. Financing and government support needs have been consistently understood and an attempt has been made to provide for these to the extent possible. Capacity building needs have been identified and there is donor money available to build the right skills within government ministries and agencies. However, major challenges remain on the implementation and practice fronts, and the pipeline has been slow to move. This webinar presents an overview of the evolution of the PPP framework in Bangladesh with specific focus on the law, institutions and financing; and discusses challenges and possible solutions. The objective is to disseminate knowledge to countries and practitioners that are looking at similar situations in their PPP programs or would like to create or institutionalize similar frameworks and are looking to learn from experience in other countries.

About the Presenters

Shyamala Shukla

Syed Afsor H Uddin

Target Audience

PPP professionals

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