PPP - Road to Inclusive Growth (South Asia)

In Andhra Pradesh (AP), a southern state of India, access to advanced diagnostic services such as CT scans and MRI scans was limited in government hospitals (outside the metropolitan areas) because of the high cost of machines and lack of specialized staff. The low-income populations, without insurance cover, could not afford the high fees in private diagnostic centers. The medical colleges attached to these hospitals could not train the students in using specialized technology to generate information that will help treat the patients. This is where IFC advisors stepped in to work closely with the Government of Andhra Pradesh to create an innovative public private partnership model in four government hospitals to address two widespread problems:

1. The unavailability of essential, affordable, and good quality diagnostic services; and 

2. Shortage of certified specialists to operate the machines.

 With a successful PPP in place, more than 100,000 patients will benefit from the diagnostic imaging services annually, majority of them from low-income groups. According to IFC Advisory Services PPP team, "if the framework for this partnership is adopted as the design of future public-private partnerships in the health sector, it will have a great impact on the health statistics for the country". The film captures the lessons learnt during the process.

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PPP - Road to Inclusive Growth (South Asia)


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A great model for Public-Private Partnership


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