PPP Procurement in India - Public and Private Perspectives

Public-Private Partnerships have been seen as an important form of procurement for the delivery of services across sectors in several emerging markets globally. However, developing and bidding out PPPs continues to be expensive for governments. Similarly, the bidding process entails substantial risk in terms of investment of time and money by the bidders in the pre-procurement and procurement processes, including the costs of development of project design and technical parameters as well as the often complicated legal and financial documentation. Many of the costs and challenges in PPP procurement relate to uncertainty surrounding project pipelines, lack of a programmatic approach to PPP, no standard documentation and a low level of transparency during the process. Some of the costs are also attributable to slow evaluation and decision-making within governments, which in turn could be related to political or bureaucratic expediency or simply the lack of the required skill sets for assessing bids. Certainty and efficiency in terms of the process and requirements as well as a robust assessment of bids is essential in order to ensure larger participation and consequently, a good bid price for the government/ consumers and avoidance of additional bid costs for the bidders. This webinar seeks to look at the public and private perspectives on PPP procurement in India.

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Shyamala Shukla

Athar Shahab

Anand Srivastava

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