Knowledge Note

Facing the prospects of rapid demographic aging and decline over the coming decades, Poland needs a highly skilled workforce to help generate the productivity growth that it needs to fuel continued convergence of its living standards with those of its West European neighbors. There is evidence from PISA assessments replicated for older students in upper-secondary education in 2006, 2009 and 2012 that performance gaps previously found between vocational and general schools for 15-year-olds prior to the 1999 reform persist today in upper secondary education, where the performance of students in vocational upper-secondary schools trails that of their peers in general education.

About the Presenters

Christian Bodewig; Lucas Gortazar; Katia Herrera Sosa; Daniel Kutner; Jeremie Amoroso and Martin Moreno; Mamta Murthi; Marina Wes; Cristian Aedo