Podcast 1: Water for Peace - Relationship Between Water Security and Fragility

"Discussing the relationship between water security and fragility with Dominick de Waal, Senior Economist at the World Bank."

This is the first of four Water for Peace podcasts for the World Bank’s Online Fragility Forum 2020. The fo... view more

About the Presenters

Dominick De Waal

Senior Economist, World Bank

Dominick De Waal is a Senior Economist working with the World Bank's Water Global Practice. He has led a combination of lending and analytical work focused on expanding the World Bank's water-related investment in fragile and conflict affected situations in Africa and the Middle East. This work has been across a wide range of water interventions including: providing water and sanitation services protecting against water-related disasters, and; preserving adequate, sustainable water resources. He was a co-author on the Turbulate Waters report.

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Mahaman Mourtala

- May 4, 2022

jose luis

- Jun 17, 2021
para adelante


- Jun 11, 2021

Ewoi Ekadeli

- Apr 23, 2021
Water is a very scarce commodity particularly in Africa and it has been the major source of conflicts. The course is highly educative as far as water for peace is concerned.


- Mar 17, 2021
This is highly informative


- Jan 18, 2021


- Jan 12, 2021


- Aug 18, 2020
Well covered,


- Aug 16, 2020
Indeed institutions, and authorization must be mechanized with good policies to address community voids.

Mohammad Nadir

- Aug 16, 2020
Excellent topic!
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