Planning and Implementing Disclosure in PPPs (Virtual Knowledge Exchange)
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Planning and Implementing Disclosure in PPPs (Virtual Knowledge Exchange)

This virtual event facilitates live knowledge sharing on developing and implementing a national framework for PPP disclosure using IPG’s PPP Disclosure Framework. The event is structured around four thematic areas covering:

  • Disclosing information in PPPs – rationale and World Bank framework
  • Designing and implementing a disclosure framework;
  • Sustainability of disclosure practices and challenges in the administration of national frameworks; and
  • Outcomes of disclosure for better PPPs.

The four sessions at the event will facilitate discussions, and knowledge sharing on disclosure and familiarize participants on the key elements of effective disclosure.

Target Audience

Government officials involved in various functions related to public investment management and the preparation of PPPs. World Bank Group frontline technical staff and PPP practitioners. Advisors, lawyers, financial institutions, the private sector, and other stakeholders.

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- Nov 21, 2022
I enjoyed and learned a lot from this focused and specific area.


- Nov 3, 2022
the topical discussion is amazing. gaining more interest each day


- Nov 1, 2022
It is really intersesting to joint all of the webinar. Thank you so much. Discosure is really important for all of projects, not only in PPP scheme.


- Oct 26, 2022
Thanks for the webnar yesterday. It was great but can be improved with lived case studies from international experience. Otherwise thanks for the knowledge shared.


- Oct 24, 2022
Working in climate finance field will improve the better knowledge on blended finances


- Oct 24, 2022
Better way to improve the relationship beetwen all the stakeholders


- Oct 24, 2022
Improve the National Framework in PPP


- Oct 24, 2022
Help to improve the institutional framework


- Oct 24, 2022


- Oct 23, 2022
Excellent Initiative!! Congratulations
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