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Philippines M&E of Innovation Policy Course - Session 2

The World Bank Group supported by the Korea–World Bank Group Partnership Facility (KWPF) has been developing a set of knowledge and learning products and case studies around innovation policy. As part of that initiative we will be delivering an online course focused on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). The learning experience will commence with a webinar and will be followed by a 4- week online course. This offering is designed for public officials and innovation policy practitioners who can expect by the end of the course to attain an overview of why monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for innovation policy is important and useful, learn about international best practices in M&E, and get an in-depth understanding of use cases of M&E in innovation policy from Korea. The course has been designed to be practical and applied, and will also offer participants the opportunity to discuss specific M&E challenges they may have in their work.

Target Audience

Innovation policy practitioners, public officials

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