In Peru, Fishing Less Anchoveta Pays Off

Peru is home to one of the world’s largest single stock fishery – the anchoveta – a species related to anchovy used in fishmeal for livestock and aquaculture around the world. Its harvest touches many lives. Reform of the anchoveta fisheries, supported by the World Bank starting in 2009, put a break on overfishing which was threatening the viability of a crucial resource. In the process, some fishermen like Jose Luis lost their jobs and had to strike a new path. Today, the reform has resulted in a more sustainable, resilient and profitable industry but Peru still faces challenges when it comes to regulating other types of fishing. Download the report:

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Mohammad Nadir

- Nov 29, 2021
Great work!

jose luis

- Sep 2, 2021


- Jan 25, 2021


- Nov 18, 2020


- Oct 30, 2020
Great step in the right direction.


- Mar 24, 2020

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Dec 13, 2019
In Peru, Fishing Less Anchoveta Pays Off

Andradiet I.J

- Dec 1, 2019
Regulation on control the limit of fishing, in order to ensure the conservation of fish source, will be not effective without the awareness of the fish catcher. Job diversivication, supported by proper training program, will support the conservation effort, because some fisherman can convert to another job


- Apr 7, 2019
In Peru, Fishing Less Anchoveta Pays Off


- Apr 6, 2019
Fishing Seasons, regulations, stop overfishing ensure sustainability
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