Knowledge Note

Today, Africa is on the cusp of a structural economic transformation. With its large pool of human and natural resources, it has been one of the fastest growing regions of the world despite the recent global economic slowdown. the partnership for skills in applied sciences, engineering, and technology (PASET) was launched in 2013 by African governments with facilitation by the World Bank, to address systemic gaps in skills and knowledge in priority ASET fields, and to build the capacity of African education and training institutions to train high quality technicians, engineers, and scientists to meet the demands of the economy. PASET was needed to also leverage the knowledge and experiences of Asian, Latin American, and other countries investing heavily in Africa, and raise the level of their assistance. PASET’s goals are consistent with the African goal of creating quality basic education systems, which continues to be a priority for meeting fundamental socio-economic targets. Quality basic education is essential to create a strong pipeline for the higher levels of education and training that PASET supports.

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