Pacific World Bank Project Orientation
Self-Paced eLearning

Pacific World Bank Project Orientation

The Pacific World Bank Project Orientation Course provides an introduction to the knowledge and skills required by anyone who works on a World Bank-financed project in the Pacific. The self-paced course is designed so that learners can complete short 5-15 minute lessons in their own time and as their work schedule permits. The course has been developed based upon a Pacific-wide Learning Needs Assessment which identified the foundational skills and knowledge - the ‘core competencies’ - necessary for successfully implementing and managing Bank-financed projects in the Pacific. The topics covered in the course include: World Bank Expectations; Project Management; Financial Management; Procurement; Environmental and Social Risk Management/Safeguards; and Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. The course complements the implementation support and supervision provided by World Bank task teams during project missions. The eLearning course can be taken as a standalone course or as a refresher for people who have attended the five-day face-to-face course of the same name.

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jose luis

- May 29, 2022


- Jan 19, 2022
Please I am struggling to complete the activities on Accessing to Key Project Development under PWB. MIL5 because it's just a screenshot and getting difficult to click. Please respond to me through


- Nov 23, 2022
Also having the same issue here.

Marlon Peter

- Sep 15, 2021


- Sep 8, 2021


- Aug 20, 2021
Thanks for the training. Cheers

Mahaman Mourtala

- Aug 16, 2021
Interesting course!


- Aug 14, 2021
Please how do I get the resources for Review and Evaluation on Activity M1 L4? I got to the Menu Resources but when click on the resources I always get the pdf document for Accessing key project documents but not the documents of review and evaluation.

Jane Millicent

- Aug 15, 2021
Let us look into this and get back to you

Jane Millicent

- Aug 15, 2021
This is the correct resources for this lesson. It is a quick guide to help you locate documents - many of which are mentioned in the lesson on review and evaluation - for the projects you work on.
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