Knowledge Note

"Learn about the theory, practice, and results of several of the World Bank and IFC's market creating interventions."

Creating markets has been part of the World Bank Group’s development agenda for at least the last 15 years. The 2002 World Bank Group’s Private Sector Development Strategy, for example, identified the ingredients for market creation, including sound rules, the expectation that such rules be adhered to, and physical access to markets.

Because of IFC’s and the Bank Group’s long history supporting market creation in its client countries, the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) has identified many lessons of experience in recent evaluations that are relevant to such efforts. This evaluation is likewise designed to shed light on several key aspects of the IFC and World Bank's creating markets agenda and experience on the ground. Those key aspects include the following: (i) Identification of market creating opportunities; (ii) Channels through which IFC contributes to market creation; (iii) Results from IFC’s market creating interventions; and (iv) Success factors driving the Bank Group’s market creation results.

This Knowledge Note is the Executive Summary of a World Bank publication entitled, '‘Creating Markets’ to Leverage the Private Sector for Sustainable Development and Growth'. To access the full publication, please click here.