Overcoming Challenges: A Cambodian Mother’s Story

Over the past decade, Cambodia has made an impressive reduction in poverty levels. And yet progress in health and nutrition has been limited. A cash transfer project is helping to improve the situation by providing funds to poor pregnant women and children 5 years old and under for essential health services. In this video, Im Sophea, a 25-year-old mother of two, talks about how the project has helped her and her family.

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- Jan 25, 2021


- Nov 22, 2020
great project!


- Mar 26, 2020

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Dec 16, 2019
The struggle is real

Andradiet I.J

- Nov 26, 2019
poverty makes impossibility to maintain the health in well manners. The program is great, support financially while educate for better life quality


- Apr 9, 2019
Overcoming Challenges


- Apr 8, 2019
Menarik sekali


- Mar 29, 2019
Cash Transfer Projects are amazing how it transform people's life


- Mar 22, 2019
Topik Menarik

Jesús Manuel

- Jul 15, 2018
Great! Thanks!
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