Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture in Projects – Demystified

Addressing the underlying causes of malnutrition requires a broad, nutrition-sensitive approach implemented through sectors beyond health. Agriculture is increasingly recognized as one of the most promising sectors for boosting nutrition, but historically investments in the sector have not addressed this issue.
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Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project – Vietnam


Land Husbandry, Water Harvesting and Hillside Irrigation Project in Rwanda


Project to Support a Rural Economic Development Program in Guatemala


Agriculture and Food Security Project in Nepal

About the Presenters

Sean Bradley

Sean Bradley has worked in international development for more than 25 years and has focused on community-driven and -based rural development for the majority of that time. Prior to joining the Global Programs Unit of the Social, Urban, Rural & Resilience Global Practice as a Lead Social Development Specialist and Community-Driven Development (CDD) Coordinator, he led several CDD operations in East Asia and Pacific region including the national CDD program of the Philippines (KALAHI-CIDSS), and a targeted Indigenous Peoples’ poverty reduction CDD and livelihoods support operation in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Previously, as a Sr. Social and Sr. Operations Specialist for the World Bank, Sean worked in the Africa region on CDD, community based post-conflict recovery, and on demobilization and reintegration programs. Prior to joining the Bank, Sean worked for a US NGO focusing on capacity building of local NGOs working in the areas of community development, food security, maternal and child health, and natural resource management, primarily in Latin America. Sean began his development career as an aquaculture extension agent in the Amazon jungle, has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Williams College, and a Master’s degree in Development Management from American University.

Svetlana Edmeades

Svetlana Edmeades is a Senior Agriculture Economist in the Food and Agriculture Global Practice of the World Bank Group. She has worked on a wide range of agriculture-related topics including climate change and vulnerability, innovation and competitiveness, biosafety and biodiversity, among others. She leads projects in the Latin America and Caribbean Region, where she focuses on the productive inclusion of small agricultural producers, including linkages with nutrition and energy.

Elliot Mghenyi

Elliot Mghenyi is Senior Economist in the Food and Agriculture Global Practice of the World Bank Group. He joined the Bank in 2007 through the Young Professionals Program and now leads teams working on both investment lending projects as well as advisory services and analytics. His work on investment projects has been on a wide range of projects, most recently on nutrition sensitive agriculture in Nepal, agricultural technology development and adoption in Nepal, dairy development in India, agriculture commercialization in India etc. In addition Elliot has led impact evaluations of community-driven development investment projects in Afghanistan and Bangladesh. His most recent works on advisory services and analytical activities include: identifying policy and investment priorities for agribusiness to promote inclusive growth and jobs in India; evaluating effectiveness of national food price stabilization policies in South Asian countries and implications for regional-wide approaches; analysis of sources of growth in agriculture for poverty reduction and shared prosperity in Nepal; evaluating input distribution programs in Nepal; conducting agriculture public expenditure reviews in Sub-Saharan Africa; and developing new tools to strengthen the link between policy, budget allocations to agriculture, and results. Elliot holds a Bachelor Degree in Agribusiness Management, Master Degree in Agricultural Economics, and Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from Michigan State University.

Valens Mwumvaneza

Senior Agricultural Economist
Food and Agriculture Global Practice of the World Bank Group