The New Leadership Paradigm: Discover the surprising truths on how generations shape the ‘future of work’

The younger and newest generations are driving dramatic changes in workplace cultures-- shaping the ‘future or work’ and the new leadership paradigm. We can no longer assume what has worked in the past to ensure inclusivity, collaborative teams and motivated individuals, still works for everyone today—we need to bridge the differences and expectations across generations.

Hear from leadership coach and generational expert, Warren Wright, on the “The New Leadership Paradigm: Discover the surprising truths on how generations shape the future or work.” Then hear a panel discussion with an IFC VP, Manager and Youth representative, across three generations. Sessions were recorded as the closing session of the IFC Career Month, Feb 2020. In OLC, Part 1 is keynote. Part 2 is the panel discussion that followed]

Key note and panel discussion covers the following topics:

• the lived experience of each generation and how it shapes their values and deeply rooted worldview
• overcoming our generational biases—changing our mindsets around inter-generational differences
• how generational differences (and biases) show up in the workplace
• what it takes to be an effective leader in the (new) future workforce paradigm—embracing generational values

Bio of speaker: Warren Wright is Founder and CEO of Second Wave Learning whose mission is to prepare the next generation of leaders and help all generations collaborate more effectively. Warren is a former Managing Partner at Gallup, and has over 2 decades of experience in leadership, consumer research and demography, and workshop facilitation. He is a lifelong learner in the areas of human behavior, leadership and business outcomes. His top 5 Strengths are: Maximizer, Activator, Ideation, Developer, and Positivity.

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- May 21, 2020
great presentation


- May 19, 2020


- May 14, 2020
such changes includes global warming, technology, needs for inclusiveness e t c.


- May 14, 2020
i kind of enjoying the discussion and the presentation of Mr Warren Wright. If i may ask what is the most appropriate leadership model for the present generations considering the changes that have occurs globally?

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Apr 22, 2020


- Apr 20, 2020
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