Archived Webinar

NASA ARSET Advanced Learning - Part 1: Overview of Coastal Ecosystems and Remote Sensing

"Illegal dumping of waste, plastics, ocean acidification and occurrence of extreme events are some of the major factors affecting Coastal Ecosystems."

Ecosystem Services provide a habitat for thousands of species, including commercially important ones. They provide coastal protection against wave action, recreational areas, sustenance for millions of people worldwide, and conservation/cultural heritage.

Through this session, you will learn to:

  • Identify major coastal ecosystems, particularly from tropical and temperate regions
  • Identify the main satellites and sensors used for studying coastal ecosystems

Attendees who have not completed the Fundamentals of Remote Sensing may not be prepared for the pace of the training.

This training was created by NASA's Applied Remote Sensing Training Program (ARSET). ARSET is a part of NASA's Applied Science's Capacity Building Program. Learn more about ARSET HERE. In case of any questions regarding the session, please feel free to reach out to Ana I. Prados, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor, Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET), University of Maryland Baltimore County at