Monitoring and Evaluation for Innovation Policy course
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Monitoring and Evaluation for Innovation Policy course

The aim of this course is to provide a basic introduction to innovation and innovation policy making. The course will discuss the concept of innovation policy, walk through pragmatic innovation strategies derived from principles and experiences, and discuss the government’s basic roles in innovation policy making. After completing this course, each participant should have a concrete understanding of innovation and the major components of innovation policy, and be able to make policy recommendations for innovation policy reforms in his/her own country. The course is organized into six modules that explore different aspects of innovation and innovation policy making. Each module incorporates the basic content of the topic covered, as well as cases that demonstrate how the particular content of interest is/was put into practice. Each module also includes quizzes, interactive exercises and moderated discussion forums that help participants measure what they have learned. The course ends with a design of a country action plan. • Module 1: Understanding the basic concepts of innovation, and innovation policy. What roles does innovation play in our modern economy, and what are some of the key policy components of the innovation system? • Module 2: Understanding the pragmatic innovation agenda. The module describes the pragmatic innovation agenda, why it is important, and the key policy considerations countries should keep in mind as they formulate their own pragmatic innovation agendas. • Module 3: Role of education and research and development in fostering innovation. This module offers policy tools that practitioners can utilize to better promote education and research and development for innovation. • Module 4: Government support and regulatory frameworks. This module addresses the role of government support in promoting innovation, the types of support governments may offer to entrepreneurs, and the regulatory adjustments and focuses governments must adopt in order to foster innovation. • Module 5: Monitoring and evaluation systems for innovation policies. Through this module, participants will gain an understanding of the role of these systems in the national innovation framework, and what policies can be used to create effective monitoring and evaluation systems. • Module 6: Group Project - Country Action Plan. The sixth and final module is the culminating experience for the learner applying the concepts, principles and strategies learned in this course to their own country context. In this module it is the task of the learner to design the innovation policy action and strategy plan for their country of choice. In partnership with The Innovation Policy Platform (IPP).

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Very insightful.


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nice designed course


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Nice Course

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- Oct 14, 2020
very instructive! and the theme is interesting


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Informative and interesting.


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Great info

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hello , what is going on


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Innovation is a must for growth of any Organisation, Nation

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- Oct 15, 2020
i totally agree.
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