Midwife for a Day

What does a midwife do all day? In Nigeria, approximately one million mothers and children die every year from preventable diseases. Many of these deaths can be avoided if pregnant women and young children received routine health care. To improve the quality of healthcare services and their use by women and children, the Government of Nigeria implemented the SURE-P Maternal and Child Health Project. A research team led by the World Bank's DIME group and supported by the Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is evaluating different approaches within the program to see what is most successful at improving access to care and use of services. Watch a midwife do her daily rounds in this video to understand what goes into good healthcare.

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Marie Stella

- Oct 19, 2016
Mid-wife is a noble charity.

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Sep 29, 2016
“Watching a midwife does her daily rounds in this video to understand what goes into good healthcare”! It Explicate Midwifes’ are next to God!!

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Sep 25, 2016
Topic: Midwife for a Day; Crux; Health, Nutrition and Population, Sexual Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health, Sexual Reproductive and Maternal Health; Comment: Discussions are to be made among the people of Africa on “Midwife for a Day”. Especially they have to exchange their knowledge & activities on s and also they have to continually implement the best practices on “SURE-P Maternal and Child Health Project” for improving the quality of healthcare services & Posted By: Dr.Manavalan Ilakkuvan, M.E., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Earlier: Dy.General Manager /BHEL (Retd) & At Present: Dean, School of Engineering &Technology, PRIST University, Thanjavur-613 403.Tamilnadu –India.
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