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MFD in the agriculture and food sector – 2. Application of the MFD Value Chain Diagnostic Tool

Agriculture GP is focusing on operationalizing the MFD agenda in the agriculture and food sector, together with agribusiness colleagues in FCI GP, IFC and MIGA. To support capacity building of WBG staff to implement the MFD approach in their operations, this webinar series aims to provide practical information on our strategy, available tools and early MFD cases in the sector. As the second webinar under the MFD in the agriculture and food sector webinar series, this particular webinar provides information on the MFD Value Chain Diagnostic Tool. It will explain the concept of the tool and the ways to apply it, based on an early case in Ethiopia that applied the tool to conduct MFD value chain analysis on selected value chains.

About the Presenters

Christopher Brett

Christopher Brett was appointed as the Lead Agribusiness Specialist with the World Bank in November 2016 and joined the Food and Global Agricultural Practice, based in Washington DC. He has a Master’s Degree in Management for Agricultural Development from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. He has more than thirty years’ experience of working within the public private and voluntary sectors in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Prior to working with the World Bank, he worked for 9 years as the Global Head of Sustainability for a large multi-national agricultural supply chain management company, as part of the senior management team, Chris supported the company’s transition from a trading-based company to a global agri-business supply chain management company.

Diego Arias

Diego Arias is currently Lead Agriculture Economist for the World Bank. His work has focused on innovative agriculture development and risk management projects and advisory services in Latin America and Africa. Previous to the World Bank, Diego worked at the Inter American Development Bank as Natural Resources Economist and as a commodity trader for coffee, rice and petroleum products. Diego holds a PhD in Agribusiness and Environmental Economics from Polytechnic University of Valencia, an MBA from Sacred Heart University in Luxembourg and a Masters in International Development from Harvard University.

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Mahaman Mourtala

- Oct 26, 2021
Interesting webinar


- Jul 28, 2021

jose luis

- Jul 12, 2021


- Apr 16, 2021
valuable tool to structure development


- Jan 21, 2021
interesting video


- Jan 20, 2021
Great course! informative and knowledgeable documents.


- Oct 16, 2019


- Sep 8, 2019
Great to provide diagnostic tool for MDF value chain


- Jul 2, 2019


- Jul 2, 2019
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