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Metropolitan Governance and Finance in Sao Paulo

With a population of 11.2 million residents, Sao Paulo is the largest City in Brazil, the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere and the world's seventh largest city by population. The presentation will provide a sketch of Sao Paulo Metropolitan Region's (SPMR) recent past to understand how metropolitan governance and finance have affected the development of this region and contributed to its challenges. The presentation will consider how metropolitan areas fit into the governance structure of Brazil and the impact this has had on the SPMR. The webinar will include a discussion of fiscal issues and management as well as a discussion of the fiscal data and expenditure management related specifically to Sao Paulo municipality. Finally, Dr. Wetzel will consider the challenges going forward and provide thoughts regarding how they may be addressed.

About the Presenters

Deborah Wetzel

Target Audience

Governance professionals, Urban professionals

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Jes�s Manuel

- Mar 23, 2018


- Jul 30, 2017
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