Mental Health at the World Bank Group

Mental Health at the World Bank Group

Mental ill health is a major problem for employers and employees alike, costing organizations billions of dollars every year and impacting negatively the lives of millions of people in the workplace and beyond. The World Bank Group is taking this concern seriously, most recently through its endorsement of a workplace mental health and wellbeing strategy. These courses are designed to help staff and those who manage staff understand the implications of mental health issues and how best to support one another in times of need.

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jose luis

- May 31, 2022
muy bueno


- Dec 19, 2020
nice course


- Sep 22, 2020

Raymund Vincent

- Aug 7, 2020
Nice topic


- Aug 6, 2020


- Jul 23, 2020
When is this going to start?


- May 31, 2020
An apt series considering the increase in mental health issues because of the COVID-19 crisis ...


- May 30, 2020
Thank you for this training series.


- May 21, 2020
Great initiative


- Apr 21, 2020
Mental health is perhaps the most important aspect of well being of imminent future. Specially in the development context, mental illness experiences slide on the scale with morbidity at one end and productivity at the other. Traditional perception of mental health falling in the domain of Psychiatry/psychology needs to be changed with an economic sense of a multisectoral transdisciplinary jurisdiction... World has having unprecedented 25% of youth in its population and biopsychosocial model influence children from the early days of grooming and world health organisation figure 20% of children develop serious mental illness, is seriously to be addressed. Most of them belong to Asia and Africa which is expected to be source largest labor markets specially in post Corona world. Significant investments in mental health is already delayed.


- Feb 1, 2020


- Jan 28, 2020
This is great. I can't wait for it to start


- Jan 2, 2020
Nice one


- Dec 23, 2019
Very nice topic


- Nov 9, 2019
Mental health has great impact on personal and working life . It is a seious issue and needs immediate attentions by all stake holders.

Bizuneh Gultu

- Oct 4, 2019
This is a very important training module for the WB staff. If HSD has the capacity, It would be also good to facilitate such training for the WB development partners in the fight against poverty, such as city mayors and managers who are working under extremely stressing situations to meet the increasing public demand in infrastructure, services and governance areas.

Njeck Alice

- Oct 4, 2019
Great material, good and smart tips. I am on..

Nadine A.

- Sep 17, 2019
Thank you for creating these modules!

Wirsiy Frankline Sevidzem

- Sep 12, 2019
Great insights on this aspect of health. Mental health is a public health issue that is still under-reported

Waqar Aamir

- Sep 2, 2019
Great. Very informative. Thanks for sharing it.


- Aug 27, 2019
Nice one

Waqar Aamir

- Aug 26, 2019


- Aug 16, 2019
I have been working before in hospital
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