MENA Countries Economic Updates  — October 2020 (Country Series)

18 Part Series

MENA Countries Economic Updates — October 2020 (Country Series)

"Trading Together — Reviving the Middle East and North Africa Regional Integration in the Post-COVID Era"

The combination of a COVID-19 pandemic and a collapse in oil prices has affected all aspects of the economies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The region’s economies are projected to contract by 5.2% in 2020, which is 4.1 percentage points below the forecast in April 2020, and 7.8 percentage points worse than that of October 2019, reflecting an increasingly pessimistic outlook for the regional economy. The region is expected to recover only partially in 2021. The outlook for MENA’s current account and fiscal balances also deteriorated sharply. Driven largely by lower oil export revenue, a drop in fiscal revenue and the large increase in fiscal expenditure required to respond to the health crisis, the region’s current account and fiscal balances in 2020 are forecast at -4.8% and -10.1% of GDP respectively, much worse than the forecasts in October 2019. Public debt is projected to rise significantly in the next few years, from about 45% of GDP in 2019 to 58% in 2022.

This Bite Series captures Economic Updates  — October 2020 of MENA countries Algeria | Bahrain | Djibouti | Egypt | Iran | Iraq | Jordan | Kuwait | Lebanon | Libya | Morocco | Oman | Palestine | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Tunisia | United Arab Emirates | Yemen |

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- Aug 20, 2021


- Jun 13, 2021

jose luis

- Apr 29, 2021
muy buena

jose luis

- Apr 29, 2021
muy buena serie

Lynn Ioana

- Apr 6, 2021
interesting to learn other country's economic updates


- Mar 27, 2021


- Mar 25, 2021
Interesting series


- Mar 11, 2021
Very exciting to read the economic update for the remaining MENA countries once it will be published.


- Mar 11, 2021
Wealthy information in each knowledge note. Great and appreciated effort.

Mohammad Nadir

- Mar 10, 2021
Excellent Series!
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