Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy (MTDSX)
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Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy (MTDSX)

This online course, jointly developed by the IMF and the WB and funded by the Debt Management Facility (DMF), is aimed at building capacity to develop a medium-term debt management strategy (MTDS), contributing to improved public debt management. It explains the MTDS framework and provides comprehensive training on the accompanying analytical tool, MTDS AT. The MTDS AT is useful for analyzing quantitatively the cost-risk characteristics of an existing debt portfolio, as well as the cost-risk trade-offs of alternative financing strategies. Participants are taught how to develop financing strategies by taking account of the composition of the existing debt portfolio, developments in key macroeconomic and market conditions, potential sources of financing, and linkages with broader medium-term macroeconomic framework, including debt sustainability.

Target Audience

All government officials are welcome to register. This course is particularly useful for officials from debt management offices, treasury departments, ministries of finance, ministries of economy, central banks, and other government officials responsible for providing advice or implementing debt management policies.

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- Jul 27, 2022
Hi everyone. I am Krishna Prasad from India.

jose luis

- May 30, 2022


- Mar 12, 2022
I want to start the courses.


- Jun 20, 2021


- Feb 24, 2021


- Feb 22, 2021


- Feb 16, 2021
The Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy is a sub-topic to Debt Sustainability Analyses (DSA) organized by the World Bank Group in November 2020 that is highly resourceful and I participated in it in Nigeria and it had been put into practice in Gombe State Debt Management Agency of Gombe State Ministry of Finance.


- Feb 9, 2021
hello how can i enroll


- Jan 31, 2021
Nice one


- Jan 26, 2021
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