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Measuring Social Inclusion

How is social inclusion measured? How can one know when social inclusion is achieved? This webinar discusses data and approaches that can be used for measuring social inclusion. Measurement is important to establish the extent and depth of exclusion and to monitor progress toward inclusion. Yet, successful measurement is contingent on careful assessment and identification of social inclusion issues in each context. The webinar will discuss recent developments in multidimensional and subjective wellbeing and what such indicators can reveal about social inclusion. It will use examples to illustrate that standardized data sources, such as surveys and censuses, can also reflect symptoms of exclusion. Finally, it will discuss the importance of measuring attitudes and perceptions, as well as how they can complement standard outcome indicators. The session will illustrate the need for refined measures of social inclusion, while highlighting that the real test of inclusion is to move beyond indicators and to try to get to the roots of exclusion, through interdisciplinary methods.

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Thomas Nastas

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Development practitioners

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muy bueno


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Just completed the Book-Inclusion Matters. An eye-opener


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- Jan 20, 2020
Measuring Social Inclusion

Waqar Aamir

- Sep 2, 2019
Great. Very informative. Thanks for sharing it.


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