Managing Risk MOOC - The International Community’s contribution To Risk Management

Risks are a part of our everyday lives. Losses from risks and missed opportunities affect everyone. In the last two decades the world has experienced international integration, technological innovation, and economic reform, but also financial turbulence and environmental damage. The fear of loss can prevent people from pursuing development opportunities, leaving many poor people trapped in poverty. However, societies that successfully adapt to risks can make dramatic gains in their living standards. In this module you will analyze how the international community can help with risks that exhaust national capacity or cross national boundaries, identify circumstances in which the international community has successfully come together to manage important global risks, and examine how the international community can improve its contribution.

About the Presenters

Kyla Wethli

Lead Author, World Development Report 2014, World Bank

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Jes�s Manuel

- Jul 2, 2018


- Jul 17, 2017
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