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Lessons Learned from Innovative Financing: Ghana Solar Home Systems

This webinar series introduces innovative financing mechanisms that contribute to development solutions, linking needs, objectives and actual results. This series will focus on results-based financing (RBF), in particular, which has emerged as an important tool for financing basic services because it changes the focus from inputs – funding given in advance for expected results – to verified outputs. As a center of expertise for RBF, the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) brings together RBF practitioners and development partners to share results, experiences and lessons on RBF. In 2009, GPOBA approved a US$4.35 million grant to support electricity access for 15,000 households in off-grid areas in Ghana through solar home systems (SHSs) and photovoltaic (PV) lanterns. The project was part of the Renewable Energy component of the US$90 million Ghana Energy Development and Access Project (GEDAP), complementing its focus on grid extension. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, ARB Apex Bank was the implementing partner and managed an IDA-supported line of credit to refinance 80 percent of loans from 12 participating rural banks for their clients to purchase SHSs, the rural banks contributed the remaining 20 percent from their own capital. The service providers for the project were approved private dealers who were members of the Association of Ghana Solar Industries (AGSI). The AGSI served as key interlocutor for the project, working on raising awareness of SHSs, capacity building, and helping the service providers to access finance. GPOBA provided subsidies to the service providers of 50-60 percent of the total cost of purchasing and maintaining SHSs. The webinar will discuss the project in detail, exploring how RBF can be used to maximize financing for development in renewable energy.

About the Presenters

Richard Hosier

Richard Hosier is a Senior Energy Specialist for the World Bank currently working in the Africa Energy Practice. He has worked for the Bank since 2004 when he joined as Team Leader of the Climate and Chemicals Team with the Global Environment Facility Secretariat. Prior to joining the World Bank, he spent over ten years as the Principal Technical Adviser on Climate Change for the United Nations Development Program’s GEF Unit, based in New York. From 1985 until 1993, he served as an Assistant Professor of Energy Management and Policy and International Development and Appropriate Technology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. From 1980 until 1992, he also worked for the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Beijer Institute of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on research and planning projects, which focused on energy for development in Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. He has worked in over 50 developing countries and published more than 30 refereed journal articles; 50 papers; and four book-length research monographs all focusing on energy for development, natural resource management and climate change.

Daniel Coila

Daniel Coila is an Operations Analyst in the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA). He is part of the GPOBA Portfolio and M&E team, where he has been transaction advisor to GPOBA operations in Sub Saharan Africa, East Asia, and Latin America in the water and energy sectors, including Ghana SHS, Cameroon Urban Water, Mozambique Water, Uganda Rural Water, Surabaya Water, and Bolivia SHS. Daniel has been a member of GPOBA since its early inception stages, and has contributed to the establishment of various trust funds allocated for Subsidy Funding Projects. He holds a BS in Information Systems and a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from George Mason University.

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Lessons Learned on Solar!!


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Lessons Learned from Innovative Financing: Ghana Solar Home Systems

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