Learning from Korea’s Digital Response to COVID-19: Korea’s Preparedness for post COVID-19 (English)

"Focusing on remote education, remote work, smart city resilience and Korea's digital pillar called Digital New Deal that accelerates the transition towards a digital economy through a stronger integration of Data, Networks, and AI (DNA)"

In this Bite+, speakers introduce Korea’s various digital responses to the pandemic focusing on remote education, remote work, and sma... view more


Smart City and Resilience: Learn about the Smart City Data Hub Project in Korea, Korea's COVID-19 Tracking System, and the Busan Pilot City project that supports the use of robotics, AR/VR, and 4IR technologies. 


The Korean Digital New Deal Masterplan responding to COVID-19: Introducing Korea’s digital pillar - the Digital New Deal that aims to accelerate the transition towards a digital economy through innovation and competitiveness in the industry by focusing on stronger integration of Data, Network, and AI (DNA).


Part 1 - Educational Transformation for post-COVID-19: Step to step process of Korea's digital transformation of education from empty lecture rooms to distance learning using Edutech. Highlighting steps taken school closure and preparing for online classes through the two online learning platforms for K-12.


Part 2 - Educational Transformation for post-COVID-19: How did Korea systematically prepare for online classes by expanding public infrastructure, supporting teachers' capacity building, and revising the online education system?


Post COVID-19 Smart Working Environment - Contrasting the smart work concept across countries and highlighting Korea's work systems changes, infrastructure updates, and projects adopted to accelerate smart work innovation. 



Q & A and Closing Comments - What are the practical applications of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education? What is an AI Government? 

About the Presenters

Dr. Jong-Sung Hwang

Senior Researcher, ICT Policy Group, National Information Society Agency (NIA)

Dr. Jong Sung Hwang is an ICT strategy expert who served in a number of key positions in the IT policy planning in distinguished organizations. Currently, he is a senior researcher at the National Information Society Agency. He is also a member of the Gov3.0 Committee of the Korean government, which designs and coordinates government and public sector innovation programs at a vice-ministerial level. Dr. Hwang is a former Chief Information Officer of the Seoul Metropolitan Government as well as the former Secretary-General of the World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO). He is also a Member of the Global Advisory Board to the Smart City Exhibition and World Congress (SCEWC), and of the Steering Committee of the IoT World Forum. In particular, he has a lot of experience in designing national IT strategies and developing a new breed of smart services. He drafted the first Korea IT Promotion Basic Plan in 1996 and initiated the u-City project, one of the world’s first smart city projects in 2005. As a CIO of Seoul, he launched the Smart Seoul 2015 initiatives in 2011 and made Seoul as a best case for a smart city recommended by the ITU. Dr. Hwang holds a Master’s degree and a Doctoral degree in Political Science from Yonsei University in Korea.

Dr. Myung-Ha Hong

Executive Director, National Information Society Agency (NIA)

Dr. Myungha Hong is an e-government expert and manages the ICT HRD programs of the NIA Global Academy. He is a specialist in bridging the global Digital Divide and a facilitator of cultural exchange. Since the early 2000s, he has been actively engaged in ICT Cooperation Projects with various developing countries. By sharing Korea’s experience and know-how on ICT Development Policy and best practices, he has been contributing to bridging the global digital divide. NIA Global Academy was selected to operate as the ITU Centres of Excellence in 2019. Since then, he has been providing HRD programs and digital government online courses using the ITU platform.

Sang-Hyun Jang

Director, Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS)

Dr. Jang serves as a Director at KERIS. He serves on the ASEAN Cyber University Project’s Secretariat as a Director-General and is an Advisor to the Distance Education Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the IT department at Kyungbook National University. Previously, he was part of the Expert Committee at the President’s Council of Informatization Strategies.

Doh-yoon Kim

Executive Principal, National Information Society Agency (NIA)