Learning from Korea’s Digital Response to COVID-19: Details on Public Health Measures through Open Data and the Contact Tracing System (English)

"Experts talk about public health responses (governance, the emergency operation center, online/mobile services for disseminating pandemic-related information, etc.) and the contact tracing system in detail"​

South Korea is one of the countries that successfully leveraged digital technologies in its efforts to contain the first wave of COVID-19. This Bite+ takes a deep-d... view more


Part 1 - The COVID-19 Situation and Response Measures of Korea: An Overview of the Public Health Response - Governance, the EOC (Emergency Operation Center) and the Contact Tracing Strategy. 


Part 2 - The COVID-19 Situation and Response Measures of Korea: Insights into Korea's COVID-19 Epidemiological Investigation Support System, Self Health Check Mobile App, and Social Distancing Campaign. 


Public-Private Partnership for COVID-19 Response: Release and Utilization of Open Data - What is Open Data? What is the process for releasing COVID-19 open data through the data portal? What were the apps/web services developed to respond to COVID-19? What is the role of the public sector?



Digital Government System for COVID-19 Response: COVID-19 Contact Tracing System (CTS) - Introducing CTS - an epidemiological investigation system for tracking COVID-19 confirmed patients' movement routes. Also, dive deep into the concepts of Smart City and Data Hub that form the basis for Korea's COVID-19 Contact Tracing System. 

About the Presenters

Prof. Hoon-Sang Lee

Visiting Professor, Yonsei University School of Public Health, Korea

Dr. Hoon Sang Lee is currently a visiting professor at the Yonsei University School of Public Health in Korea and is also a member of the Health Sector Advisory Committee of KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) and a board member for the Korea Society of Global Health. He teaches on the issue of global public health and also provides various advice and consultations on global health in issues regarding North Korea health support. Prior, he has worked as a health adviser for KOICA  in the areas of Maternal and Child Health, community-based health as well as health system strengthening and health programs using mHealth and innovative technologies. As a health adviser and expert, he talks about public health responses (governance, the emergency operation center, online/mobile services for disseminating pandemic-related information, etc.) and the contact tracing system in detail. In the KOICA Ghana country office, he has worked on the development of KOICA Ghana community based primary health strengthening projects and other community-based maternal-child health projects. Also, Dr. Lee has been instrumental in the formulation of the Global Health Security support project for Ghana together with the US CDC, as well as the Ghana Better Life for Girls project with the UNICEF Ghana country office. He has also contributed to the development of the USAID-Samsung mobile health information system partnership project together with Ghana Health Service. Before KOICA, Dr. Lee has worked in Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Korea CDC)  as a medical officer in the area of measles and hepatitis B immunization program as well as an immunization program for the migrant population. In Korea CDC, Dr. Lee has worked on the North Korea Immunization Assistance Program as well. He has also worked in the Department of International Health as a post-doctoral fellow working on the issue of North Korea Health and Policy Analysis for Health of Children in China. He has studied Economics and Public Policy at the University of Chicago and has graduated from the Yonsei University College of Medicine. Later he completed an MPH in Global Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. 

Hye-Jeong Lim

Senior Manager, National Information Society Agency (NIA)

Hyejeong Lim is a senior manager at the National Information Society Agency in the Republic of Korea. She currently works in the open data planning team and her expertise is in open data, data mining, and ICT policies. Ms. Lim holds an international business bachelors degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Dr. Sang-Hoon Lee

Managing Director, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)

Dr. Lee Sanghoon is the Managing Director of the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement and the Head of the pilot Hydrogen Cities project. He is managing an important number of national R&D projects, inter alias, the smart construction program, smart logistics program, smart city program, etc. based on the experiences and know-how accumulated through more than 20 years of work in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. Also, he serves as the Head of Smart City Alliance coordination and a member of the Presidential Special Committee for Smart City. Dr. Lee holds a B.A. and an M.A. in sociology from Lyon 2 University (France) and a Ph.D. in Urban Studies from Yonsei University.