Leadership and Innovation Program (E-Course2) (Self-Paced)
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Leadership and Innovation Program (E-Course2) (Self-Paced)

This Program is designed to develop leadership and innovation capabilities of senior officials driving key initiatives of major public sector reforms in Cambodia. It aims to strengthen capacities and offer resources to help address identified learning needs, namely, in human resource management, leading and managing organizational change, and creating collaborative, productive workplaces.  The Program offers participants a learning journey that will utilize experience-based and results-oriented models and techniques relevant to participants workplaces. This aims to help participants improve upon their delivery of outcomes needed in their professional roles. Participants will therefore be engaged in a very targeted, practical program. As part of this, each participant will engage throughout the course in an action learning project to help address and overcome a tough workplace challenge that participants face in their current professional role.

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Mahaman Mourtala

- Aug 23, 2022
Very interesting!

jose luis

- May 29, 2022


- May 8, 2022
Very interesting I have done Leadership and Innovation Program (E-Course1) now I'm going to continue for Leadership and Innovation Program (E-Course2)


- Feb 1, 2022


- Jan 28, 2022


- Jan 12, 2022
Pleased to be part of this program


- May 8, 2022
I have done Course I and move to course II


- Dec 6, 2021
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