Lao PDR's hydropower plant managers receive training on IFC's standards

Hydropower plant managers from Lao PDR's  largest electricity generator EDL-Gen are training on IFC's Performance Standards to improve their company's operations and environmental and social risk management. The intensive training with IFC provided plant managers with practical tools and guidelines to better understand and mitigate their environmental and social risks, leading to more sustainable business performance.

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- Mar 27, 2020

Andradiet I.J

- Jan 3, 2020
the right way to maximize utilization of the natural capital for the prosperity

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Dec 13, 2019
Lao PDR's hydropower plant managers receive training on IFC's standards

Andradiet I.J

- Nov 17, 2019
the low operational cost and long term hydro power project must run in sustainable manners in order to provide electricity for boosting economy development in order to uplift the life quality of the society and leave the poverty behind. The operational should not disrupted by environmental and social issues. Good to have the operators understand how to manage the risk


- Apr 19, 2019
PS are very close to ESS ( Environment, Social Standards)


- Apr 1, 2019
Green Growth in Africa, Using Lessons Learned in Korea


- Mar 24, 2019
Sangat Menarik


- Jul 14, 2018
Interesting! Thanks!


- Jun 1, 2018
Nice job!

Jesús Manuel

- Mar 20, 2018
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