Land Pooling/Readjustment: An Alternative to Compulsory Land Acquisition (Facilitated)
Facilitated eLearning

Oct 04, 2021 12:00 AM - Nov 05, 2021 12:00 AM EDT | Virtual

Land Pooling/Readjustment: An Alternative to Compulsory Land Acquisition (Facilitated)

Last Day to Enroll:  Oct 09, 2021

This course aims to assist policy makers and practitioners to understand the general concepts and empirical applications of land readjustment through illustration of real-world examples. Our goal is to assist participants, after taking this course, to perform the following tasks:
 Identify what problems and under what circumstances they can apply LR
 Understand how LR works in both theory and practice
 Set realistic goals for LR projects from the perspectives of different stakeholders
 Design and execute the implementation process
 Anticipate possible unintended outcomes and conduct evaluation of LR projects

Target Audience

Urban practitioners; national/subnational government officials; city managers; civil society organizations; the private sector; academia; and other stakeholders in a position to influence decision making.

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- Sep 14, 2021
Thanks to World Bank Group This will enhance the previous urban upgrading course on land pooling /readjustment Thanks


- Sep 14, 2021
this is a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience from many urban practitioners around the globe because of its potential to livelihood of majority who have been marginalized from land acquisition


- Sep 13, 2021
Thanks for this initiative, it will be a great opportunity to expand the networks and knowledge. Looking forward..................

Elmer S

- Sep 13, 2021
grateful to join this learning session and share experiences with other practitioners. personally this will also help enhance my own land/tenure management experience and help in our own issues on land conflict in the Philippines


- Sep 13, 2021
thank you for such initiatives.


- Sep 13, 2021
Looking forward...


- Sep 13, 2021
A great course for urban practitioners and a tool for Urban Upgrading


- Sep 13, 2021
Looking forward to participating in the course


- Sep 9, 2021
Thank you to the World Bank group for these opportunities


- Sep 13, 2021
Rare opportunities worth utilising
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