Korea Innovation 2020: Smart City Land Administration and Geospatial Technologies

"Digital Twin example of Korea and the importance of technology to address the issue of land administration and policy"

Land administration is one of the pre-conditions for having a smart city. Legislation, regulations, and policies form the core of the conversations about who owns what space and where and under what conditions. Today's technological innovations, where K... view more


Opening Remarks by Jorge A. Munoz, Practice Manager, World Bank


Part 1- Digital Twin-based Land Administration by Byungyoung Kwak, Senior Manager, LX: Watch the Bite video to learn about the Background of Land Administration, Current Procedure - Real Property Unification Register and New Approach for Land Administration - Digital Representation of the Real World 


Part 2- Digital Twin-based Land Administration by Byungyoung Kwak, Senior Manager, LX: Watch the Bite video to continue learning about the New Approach for Land Administration through Mobile Mappings, Traffic Signs and other approaches. The video also outlines a few applications and use cases.


Smart Land Administration + Geospatial Information Management = Building Blocks for Smart Cities by Kathrine Kelm, Senior Land Administration Specialist, World Bank: Watch the Bite video to learn about the paradigm shift - the flat maps of the past to multi-dimensions in the present to real-time 3D/4D in the future.


Q & A: How can we design a multi-pronged approach to address the land administration challenge in Africa? What lessons can be learned from pilot projects and are countries ready to take on the scaling of the projects? What can developing countries learn from the Korea Digital Twin experience? 

About the Presenters

Jorge A. Munoz

Practice Manager, Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience

World Bank Group

Since 2014, Mr. Jorge A. Muñoz has been the Practice Manager of the Global Land and Geospatial Unit overseeing the World Bank’s land administration portfolio ($1.2 billion in commitments). Mr. Muñoz joined the Bank in 1998, where he has worked on land policy reforms and land administration projects in over 20 countries across the globe, mostly in Africa and Latin America. For two years he was Head of the Bank’s regional office in Recife, Brazil. He also serves as the Bank’s focal point in several global partnerships related to these issues. Mr. Muñoz was born and raised in Bolivia.  He holds a B.S. in Engineering from Swarthmore College and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University.


Byungyoung Kwak

Senior Manager, LX

Byungyong Kwak has a doctoral degree in Geoinformatics, University of Seoul, Korea as well as holds an MSc degree in Land Administration, the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Since hired at LX in 2005, his professional career experiences include cadastral surveying, geospatial standards, and utilizing geospatial information.

Kathrine Kelm

Senior Land Administration Specialist

World Bank Group

Kathrine Kelm is a senior land administration specialist in the Global Land and Geospatial Unit and is now based in the World Bank Korea office. Kathrine is the Task Team Leader for several land administration projects in the East Asia Pacific, including Vietnam and the Philippines. She has received several innovation grants and awards to use emerging technology for project design, implementation and monitoring. Kathrine is also leading the global geospatial project which includes implementation of the joint World Bank-United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UNGGIM) agreement to enhance technical support, investments and project financing for geospatial information management and infrastructure.