Korea Green Growth Strategy - Characteristics and Lessons Learned

Experience from the past decades has shown that growth is a necessary condition for poverty reduction but that it is not sufficient. Growth has too often come at the expense of natural capital, putting development gains at risk, and left unacceptable numbers of people without access to water, sanitation, electricity and all-weather roads. Recognizing these threats, Korea was one of the first co... view more


Eco-Industrial Parks – Increasing competitiveness of traditional industries by eco-innovative solutions

By implementing Eco Innovative Programs and Clustering Program in industrial parks, Korea Industrial Complex Corporation (KICOX) supports Korea Green Growth Strategy and increases competitiveness of traditional industries. The video explains characteristics and benefits of this pioneer initiative for integrated approach, using specific examples from industrial parks managed by KICOX.


Innovative climate finance for the Green Growth in Korea - Carbon Banking System

Carbon Banking System (CBS) is a climate finance instrument implemented in the city of Gwangju, Korea, as a part of the Korea Green Growth Strategy. The video explains the structure, the legal framework and the roles of stakeholders in the CBS. It summarizes the achievements and limitations of the CBS, and identifies challenges connected with development and implementation of this innovative climate finance instrument.


Korean Green Growth strategy’s success - crucial components

The video explains the components of the first two phases of Korea Green Growth Strategy. Objectives and goals, regulatory and legal frameworks, stakeholders and institutions involved, and characteristics of both phases are presented in a concise and structured manner. The achievements and co-benefits of the initiative, as well as the challenges, required course changes and lessons learned are useful for other countries in their pursuit of low carbon development.


Korean Green Growth Partnership (KGGP) – How can Korean knowledge help you?

Korea Green Growth Partnership (KGGP) strengthens the cooperation between the Government of Korea and the World Bank Group to help developing countries achieve sustainable and inclusive development by developing and sharing practical knowledge around innovative green growth solutions. This video presents specific examples of how Korean experiences and knowledge are utilized to support green growth in other countries.

About the Presenters

Dr. Hung Suck Park

Engineer, Expert in the Korean Eco-Industrial Park Initiative; Korea Industrial Complex Corporation (KICOX)

Dr. Kwi Gon Kim

Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning, Seoul National University, Expert in the Carbon Banking System implemented in Gwangju, Korea

Dr. Sang Hyup Kim

Presidential Advisor; Professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) – Graduate School of Green Growth

In Beom Song (Korea Environment Corporation (KECO))

Etienne R. Kechichian

Elizabeth Ninan Dulvy

Esra Arikan (The World Bank Group)