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Since March 2013, this Community of Practice (CoP) has allowed development practitioners and sector experts in thematic institutions to share experiences and lessons so that they can improve the efficiency and impact of their services.

Knowledge Hubs CoP

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Dr. Illakkuvan

- Sep 20, 2016
Topic: Knowledge Hubs CoP; Crux: Exchange, Communities of Practice-CoP; Comment: Suitable discussions will be made among the development practitioners and sector experts in thematic to share learn and connect towards the greater accountability of Knowledge Hubs CoP. Better development of the efficiency and best impact of the services on Knowledge Hubs CoP & Participant: Dr.Manavalan Ilakkuvan, M.E., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Earlier: Dy.General Manager /BHEL (Retd) & At Present: Dean, School of Engineering &Technology, PRIST University, Thanjavur-613 403.Tamilnadu –India.
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