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Knowledge Exchange: URUGUAY

This session will be the 11th in the HCP Focal Points Network Knowledge Exchange series. We will be joined by Dr. Robert Silva García, President of the Central Directive Council of the National Administration for Public Education (Consejo Directivo Central-CODICEN; Administración Nacional de Educación Pública-ANEP), Uruguay. Dr. Silva will discuss the whole-of-government approach to education during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how the schools and Plan Ceibal organized remote and blended learning strategies to transform the sector in Uruguay.

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Mr. Robert Silva García

President, ANEP (National Administration of Public Education)

From the start of the pandemic, Professor Silva has been adamant about the need for “open schools,” even declaring that living with a certain degree of risk was a necessity. I believe that this idea of prioritizing education despite the risks was an important message. I would be very interested to hear from the Professor on how to manage the discourse that “a certain degree of risk is inevitable,” in the face of demands from some teachers and families for the adoption of more extreme measures. Have there been any conversations with teachers and principals about this idea of living with a certain degree of risk?

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