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Knowledge Exchange: POLAND

This session will be the 10th event in the Knowledge Exchange series. We will be joined by Poland’s HCP Focal Point, Mr. Piotr Arak, Director of the Polish Economic Institute (PIE), and also by Mr. Ignacy Święcicki, Head of the Digital Economy Team of the PEI. They will discuss 'catch-up' learning for students who have been out of school, COVID-related unemployment effects on youth, and how the PIE works across sectors & ministries to work on complex policy issues.

About the Presenters

Piotr Arak

Director of the Polish Economic Institute. A social and economic analyst, he previously worked at Deloitte, Polityka Insight think-tank, the United Nations Development Programme, the Ministry of Administration and Digitisation, and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. He graduated in social policy from the University of Warsaw, followed by further studies on using statistical methods in business and an MBA at the Warsaw School of Economics and Université du Québec à Montréal. He is writing a PhD on public policy at the University of Warsaw. He has written numerous studies on digitisation, the economics of health and economic policy.

Ignacy Święcicki

Head of the digital economy team. He previously worked at the Ministry of Digitisation, where he worked on EU regulations on telecommunications, including relations between OTT providers and operators, and international roaming. He also helped prepare regulatory impact assessments of new legal acts and guidelines for carrying out impact assessments in the government legislative process. He gained experience as an analyst at the demosEUROPA – Centre for European Strategy think-tank. He studied economics at the University of Warsaw.

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