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Knowledge Exchange between Korea and Vietnam

"Featuring policy experiences from Korea and Vietnam and giving an overview of both countries' entrepreneurial landscape, including key policy initiatives and outcomes."

The first session features policy experiences from Korea and Vietnam and gives an overview of both countries' entrepreneurial landscapes, including key policy initiatives and outcomes. Both countries recognize the need to transform and diversify their respective economies through innovative entrepreneurship, but the scale, effectiveness, and outcomes of policy efforts differ tremendously. Why the focus on entrepreneurship policy, and why now? What are the key policy objectives? How to promote innovative entrepreneurship and what is the role of the public sector? What are the outcomes of entrepreneurship policy and what are the lessons from recent implementation experiences? The session features speakers and panelists from Korea and Vietnam’s NATEC/MOST and NIC/MPI and will be followed by a moderated discussion.

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About the Presenters

Jung-hwa Han

Emeritus Professor, Hanyang University, Korea

Jung-hwa Han is the Emeritus Professor of Hanyang University and the previous head of the Small and Medium Business Administration, the predecessor to today’s Ministry of SMEs and Startups in Korea. He has been actively involved in promoting entrepreneurship in Korea, serving as the chairman of Asan Nanum Foundation to foster entrepreneurship as well as the chairman of the Korea Academy of Small Business Policy Studies.

Thuc Anh Nguyen

International Cooperation Officer, Initiative for Startup Ecosystem, Vietnam

Vo Xuan Hoai

Deputy Director, National Innovation Center, Vietnam

Marcin Piatkowski

Senior Economist, World Bank Group

Joo Sueb Lee

Senior Economist, Seoul Center for Finance and Innovation, World Bank Group

Le Hoang Uyen Vy

Director, Do Ventures

Quynh Vo

Program Director, Zone Startups Vietnam

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