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Knowledge Exchange – Nigeria: Sharing a whole-of-government vision for human capital

Join us for the second in the HCP Focal Points Knowledge Exchange series. At this event, you can draw inspiration from your colleagues in Nigeria as they discuss innovative efforts to create buy-in for a national human capital vision across 36 federal states.

Ms. Yosola Akinbi will discuss how the Core Working Group on Human Capital Development in Nigeria set a vision for human capital development, including outcomes, targets, and high-impact interventions through a collaborative whole-of-government process. Under her leadership, the Working Group is currently focused on State-level engagement so that Sub-National Governments develop their own visions and detailed plans with delivery frameworks, monitoring and evaluation approaches, and stakeholder engagement strategies.


Reconnect with your Focal Point colleagues around the world and engage them in discussion and learning for 90 minutes.



To engage HCP Focal Points Network, connecting countries and providing key technical learning that supports policy improvements within the human capital agenda.

Support the HCP Focal Points Network to form stronger ties as a community of peers and practitioners.

About the Presenters

Ms. Yosola Akinbi

Ms. Yosola Akinbi is Coordinator of the Core Working Group on Human Capital Development, established by Nigeria’s National Economic Council and comprised of Governors from all 36 States as well as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Central Bank Governor, and His Excellency the Vice President.

Olumide Okunola

Olumide Okunola is Senior Health Specialist with the World Bank Group’s Health, Nutrition, and Population Global Practice.

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jose luis

- Jul 25, 2022

Mahaman Mourtala

- Jul 28, 2021


- Jan 15, 2021


- Aug 4, 2020
Wonderful and interesting.

Mohammad Nadir

- Jun 7, 2020


- Jun 3, 2020
Good one from a highly resourceful Ms Yosola Akinbi who steered the economic advisory team of my State years back


- May 29, 2020
Thanks Ms. Yosola, this is great but the big question is whether the current State/Local government policies meet the peers/community expection.


- May 21, 2020


- Mar 20, 2020


- Feb 1, 2020
That's quite interesting!
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